How To Put Kodi On Galaxy S7 Edge

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21 Comments on How To Put Kodi On Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. Brother, I followed the steps exact but Kodi was preloaded from my s5 to my s7 and i think i messed up the configuration from then so its pretty much useless to me now. I got as far as the manager step then everything went left; is there any way to reset it?

  2. Hey Man good video I used to use kodi on my samsung tab but it kept crashing. I now have an S7 edge like you, I just wanted to know how reliable is Kodi on your s7?

    Does it crash at all?

    Also do you need an account for sports devil? Im from the UK and would be using Kodi for sports such as the English Premier League.

  3. I tried to install the Spartan wizard on my s7 edge but keeps telling me authentication failure. I already went to that web page and logged in but still can't get in. What am I doing wrong?

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