How to Install TV Apps on ANY Model Samsung Smart TV 2016

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9 Comments on How to Install TV Apps on ANY Model Samsung Smart TV 2016

  1. The disadvantage of this procedure is that, as soon as you change the IP Setting to install another application, the first one disappears (substituted by the new one).

  2. Aaron,

    The Option feature can not be seen in some models, but there a way to make it appear. This has not been explained in the video. I have the Samsung Blu Ray Player J6300 and I did the following to install the unofficial app:

    1. Press the "Hub/Smart" button or go directly to the "Sign In" icon, mine at the top of the window.

    2. Create account with ID = develop, Password = can be blank or six zeros "000000"

    3. Once created, log into the develop account, press the Smart button, go to "My Apps" (not the icons under "Recommended").

    4. Move your remote over any icon under "My Apps", then press the "Enter" (OK) for a few seconds until the option menu appears. Now you can see the "IP Setting". Note that if you are not logged into your develop account, the IP setting will not appear.

    I hope this helps 🙂 Beware that some of these professionals have no time to explain things in details.

  3. I Have a Samsung J7000 model 2015/2016, and the procedure does not appear to suit this model. Would it be possible that you re-look at this matter????

    One question
    How did you manage to create a developer account with Samsung, details are appreciated.

    Thank you

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