How to Install BlackBerry Priv Apps on ANY Android

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So the BlackBerry Priv just came out. For some it has been hard to get, So in this video Im going to show you how to get some of the BlackBerry Priv goodness on ANY Android Device.
Things like the Keyboard, Launcher, And Calendar work PERFECTLY. If you are rooted even BlackBerry Hub is working!!

Check out the original Thread on XDA below
Shout out to Pluto7443 for making this even possible.

Please watch: “BlackBerry Priv NO BS REVIEW”

47 Comments on How to Install BlackBerry Priv Apps on ANY Android

  1. The thing is…back ago I installed the BB keyboard and there was a botton for switching between languages… but after I reset my phone and redownload it, that botton is gone… I like the keyboard alot but i need that language switch botton (earth botton)

  2. I have done all steps even unlocked on my LG Stylo…was able to get keyboard but the BB services said not installed…same as BB hub. Any ideas? The Services will not install for some reason

  3. 🙁 perhaps I did something wrong by first installing the apk for the vkb onto my Galaxy Note 3 instead of first installing bb services … I know get an error, saying the vkb is a troyan and maleware … pls help….!!!

  4. Awesome! Thank you sir. one question though….my note 5 lookout security software keeps flagging the apks as Riskware. Should I be worried or is that normal due to the fact that I'm trying to force another phone's software onto the Note 5?

  5. I installed the keyboard on my note 4 it's working nice however I can't seem to get the mic icon where the comma is like how it is in your video any ideas why? thanks

  6. So what people have been saying for all these years? Blackberry is dead, using a blackberry is lame… Now every tech guy wants the blackberry experience on other android phone. Let me say, blackberry users already enjoy these features on BB10 since 2013 AND also run andoird apps with app permissions on any BB10 phone. So blackberry was dead wasnt it?

  7. Just buy a BlackBerry and get the physical keyboard and proper features working properly one intergrated fully. But yeah I'll get the keyboard in the mean time while I wait for my priv haha :))

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