How to Hide Apps Easily! iOS 9 – 9.3.2 No Jailbreak (Read Description) Works Even For iOS 7 – 8

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How to Camouflage Folders without jailbreak
to permanently hide apps ..or just customize:

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If you hide apps by this way ⬆️ everything stays where you left off when turn off your iPhone.

You can keep your apps permanently hidden in invisible folders; when reboot, everything remains so (with the old trick the apps reappear after restarting).
The downside is that you can not do it with any wallpaper, only works with grey background.

New iOS 9 Trick Nested Folders Glitch:

Trick To Put Many Folders Within One – Nested Folders (With Reduce Motion)

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For to do it, we need to keep Full the first page of apps, and also the dock. And important: at the end, dropping the app (that we want to disappear) on the dock.
The hidden apps remain accessible from the Spotlight Search, and come back by…

29 Comments on How to Hide Apps Easily! iOS 9 – 9.3.2 No Jailbreak (Read Description) Works Even For iOS 7 – 8

  1. Estimado videosdebarraquito,
    Tengo un iPhone 5c, iOS version 9.3.2, y no puedo hacer lo que usted hace. Cuando traigo el app de la página 2 y hover over the other app se habere un file, y trato de hacer lo que usted hace pero cuando pongo sobre el dock the app I want to disappear, it does not disappear but it goes back to the home screen. Where did you learn to do that? Where can I take a lesson on doing that? How long I can keep the app over the dock for it to disappear, or how strong I have to hold on the dock?
    Thank you for answering.
    Kindly, Leticia

  2. LOL!!! OMG I tried this and realized I needed a full screen so I took the folder with the weather and president app as a folder off of my dash and as I did this I made the president disappear!!!! Holy crap!! Thanks man!

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