These are my tips and tricks for hooded eyes makeup. Hooded eyes are lovely, but as we get older they can make us look tired and make the eye shadow application more challenging.
I hope you like this video and find it helpful.
Thank you for watching xoxo

“My eyebrow routine” https://youtu.be/EM_bbL7qaH0

“Hooded eyes where do I find my crease” https://youtu.be/8vG2GMao84I

“Eyeliner for hooded eyes” https://youtu.be/KXCQOWc7TGQ

I have used the brown eye shadow from Charlotte Tilbury’s Look in a palette and Makeup Geek eye shadow “Vanila bean” and foiled eye shadow “Starry eyed”
Kiko ultra-tech mascara
I also use Fysiko eye lash growth serum

Nails-Madam Glam soak off gel “Angel wings” (discount code below)

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25 Comments on HOODED, DROOPY EYES – TIPS AND TRICKS (updated)

  1. I found you a year or two ago by searching for hooded eyes tutorials, and follow you for those tips and because I love your videos, the way you chat like we are sitting down visiting. So great! Thank you for this. It's nice to have a refresher. Hugs! xoxo

  2. Wow! Nisha what a difference a really informative video thank you I am in my 50's am I too old for false lashes? Keep thinking I will try them but don't want to look like a lady of the night if you get my drift lol! xx

  3. Nisha, you are the queen of the hooded eye tutorial. I love that you did the comparison between your eyes as it really shows us how the right makeup can lift the eye and hide the hooded part so well.

  4. You have all the best tips and techniques! I'm so exasperated from people telling me that I look tired when I'm not. I need to practice more with your tips, and my hoodies bulge forward and are worse after eating certain foods like a cheesy pizza or lunch meat. I know I should do my facial lymphatic drainage, but these tips are magnificent, thank you!!! ??

  5. Best ever for hooded eyes. Keep teaching as I am trying so hard to learn your techniques. You are truly an artist. Trying to avoid surgery by the optical illusion. Thank you so much.

  6. Nisha this is so lovely! Thank you soo much! Ive seen your other videos on how to apply eye shadow and they're a large help too.. I soo detest my hooded eyeballs and the sad bags that are under my eyes too.. I really appreciate when you put up things like this, its a lovely help xoxox

  7. Excellent tutorial Nisha! ! This was SO helpful for me-I've always had such difficulty with eye shadow ~could never quite figure out what I was doing wrong~thank you!!?

  8. Thank you so much for this tutorial!!!  I have struggled and struggled to get my hooded eye to look right, and you showed me how, and it is easy enough, that even I can do it!!  I have very sensitive eyes, and this was amazing!!  I can't thank you enough.  -Grace

  9. Being a hoodie myself, I knew these tricks, but brilliant demonstration you filmed! I'm actually having blepharoplasty next week and for a second questioned my decision to do it after watching your video:)

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