[Hindi – हिन्दी] Moto G4 Plus Gaming, Heating & battery Test | Sharmaji Technical

In this video we have done Moto G4 Plus Gaming, Heating & battery Test | Sharmaji Technical

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Motorola Moto G4 Plus Videos –

0. Handson – https://youtu.be/XCWM1Wlywis

1. Unboxing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORwb-UV_0f0

2. Camera Review – https://youtu.be/TOdZxwiAfdo

3. Gaming Review – https://youtu.be/8CYvoaygZkE

4. GPS Test – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qihDI2hoPI

5. Camera Comparison with Galaxy J7 & Zuk Z1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgVdCSevpJg

6. Full n FInal Review – https://youtu.be/w87rAdtZofg

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Earphone for this…

42 Comments on [Hindi – हिन्दी] Moto G4 Plus Gaming, Heating & battery Test | Sharmaji Technical

  1. ek ghanta game khelneka baad, 40 min video recording karneka baad, 50 photo khichneka baad heating issues bataiye. ji. ek full hd cinema dekhne ka baad heating issue bataiye.. to baat puri hoogi.. aap ka room me ac hain kya, ambient temperature kitna hain? Jab 300MB download karenge to kya hoga temperature….? thanks

  2. video recording ke time bht jada heat up ho jara he phone aprox 2 mmin bad bht heat up hojata he and battery bht he jada drain hojati he kya yeh normal he mene update bhi install kiea he per muje koi khas frak nazar nae ara plss help should i replace this phone

  3. gaming j7 ki better h or gaming bhi fast bhi j7 h s5 is older but still having best camera then almost all smartphone which are available under 20k hands down and almost best display having all features of a flagship smartphone it is still good aftet 2 years battery is decent..If a good camera is your need s5 is best technical guruji said s5 camera is better then mg4 plus..

  4. Hello sharmaji Kay aap samsung galaxy j7 2016 vs motorola moto G4+ ka side by side comparison review kar skte ho ? Jaise camera,gaming, battery life ,value for money

  5. I returned Motorola G4 +. It heats a lot on using video camera for more than 10 minutes, video lags. Processor is not good just 617 SD despite spending
    Rs.15, 000. How is Zuk Z1? Redmi Note 3 camera is bad. Network issues, mobile Data kept getting switched off.
    I don't know which mobile to buy? Le2 is not good, less internal storage low battery, Can't listen to audio and do charging simultaneously. More cons in Le2. Ashwin Karthi Tamil Subscriber of Sharmaji Technical!

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