HIDDEN HOTEL IN GTA ONLINE! (GTA 5 Secrets, Tips, Tricks & Glitches)

Discover & Enter the SECRET GTA 5 Hotel in GTA Online! (GTA 5 Glitches & Tricks)
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41 Comments on HIDDEN HOTEL IN GTA ONLINE! (GTA 5 Secrets, Tips, Tricks & Glitches)

  1. Those hotel doors are on the airport terminal 4 (the big one where you arrive at on gta online) Nought, I think you should have a look to see if you can do this in the airport

  2. You seriously need to get a life you study a fucking GAME!!! Like it's real life go n sleep with some girls instead of playing gta and making notes about it ??????????? some sad sad people

  3. Hey nought, I don't know if you know this but somewhat North of the San Chianski Mountain Range there is a random wooden cross leaned against some rocks. I don't know if you know this already or if this cross could tie with any other easter egg.

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