Here’s what Watch OS 2 can do for your Apple Watch (hands-on)

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Watch OS 2 hits the Apple Watch with a bunch of new features — these look like they could be the most interesting.

38 Comments on Here’s what Watch OS 2 can do for your Apple Watch (hands-on)

  1. Pretty cool, actually! Thanks 🙂 I'm happy to see there's more watch faces and that there's now timelapses. It's also said to be a lot faster! Can't wait to get my 42MM Sport this Christmas.

  2. What? You mean I can't use time machine to view future stock prices? I foresee a fall in Apple share prices! I KNEW I should have bought Marty McFly's sports almanac instead. But who could have foresaw this????

  3. It would be nice if Siri could talk back to you. It would be nice if it had a camcorder for FaceTime. Can it play vids from YouTube? Could you watch a movie from Netflix, Crackle, and Hulu? Yep! I guess I can save my money until they can.

  4. Is there a button that plays The Yellow Rose of Texas? Whoever decided that having the temperature on screen at all times was worth 1/3 of the available space should have a ride bought for them to the ISS and be blown out an airlock. Apple can afford it.

  5. Dam it took that long to open up a calculator app? With the time it took you could've pulled out your phone and done the math already on your phone

  6. More watch faces, WOO HOO!
    Side way alarm clock, WOO HOO!
    Super slow native apps, WOO HOO!
    Calculator with Alzheimer, WOO HOO!

    But, is it any better than the competitors?

    Who cares, it's Apple, WOO HOO!

  7. A: "Wow, The Apple watch. I bet it can do some super cool stuff!"
    B: "Sure, it can be a calculator without requiring my phone to do the thinking."
    A: "That's not that impressive."
    B: "Well, it can be used like an alarm clock, too!"
    A: "Just like my watch from the 80's?"
    B" "But this one is from Apple!"

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