Here’s A Roundup Of All The Current iPhone 7 Rumors

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It’s not even 2016 yet and the rumor mill has gotten an early start with what is anticipated to be Apple’s next smartphone the so-called iPhone 7.
Officially Apple hasn’t said a word that it’s working on a new iPhone. But murmurs from its supply chain have pointed towards features Apple may be looking to put into its next smartphone. Here’s a look at what we’ve heard so far.
A10 chip
Generally new iPhones also get new chips. Apple’s next one is expected to be called A10 and come with six cores — in theory the more cores there are the easier it is for a processor to sift through more data simultaneously.
3 Gigs of RAM
It’s still early on in this front but rumors suggest Apple could up the ram — or short term memory — of the iPhone to 3gb to allow more apps to run in the background or let ram intensive ones run smoother.
No Headphone Jack
Another rumor point to Apple eliminating the headphone jack and replacing it with the headphones that support its lightning…

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