Here is the most recent leak of iPhone 7

Here is the most recent leak of iPhone 7

There are a lot of rumors flying around about the iPhone 7, some are claiming that up-coming iPhone 7 may be the same as iPhone 6 but with a bit of an update, and some are guessing that Apple may bring a dual camera on its next smartphone; nonetheless, none of them are exactly sure what changes will come with Apple’s next smartphone. However, though it is not an official announcement from Apple but Steve Hemmerstoffer, editor of recently leaked a photo of a newly designed iPhone case which he has claimed on his Twitter account, is designed for the iPhone 7.


Furthermore, there are some changes that can be noticed in the case that has no plugging hole for a headphone and as well as there is no familiar camera shape on the top on the back side of this case as the iPhone 6 or 6Plus have, this new shape is a little bit wide, it seems that the shape indicates a dual camera module and one more noticeable thing is that the back shell of the case looks very trim with an antenna lines crossing its back.


Now, according to the design, it is pretty much close to the truth that the rumors were right all along, and those individuals who were whispering that Apple’s next smartphone device will have a dual camera can now congratulate themselves, and obviously this will be the best execution in low-light and quick moving circumstances.

One major thing is that as the headphone jack hole didn’t appear on the case, therefore, it is also clear that Apple’s iPhone 7 will come without a pluggable headphone jack.

Whatever happens around the iPhone 7 before its release will remain a prediction, but to know the real facts about Apple’s upcoming smartphone then we have to wait until Apple’s next smartphone’s flagship day in September.


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