Has Apple ditched the home button on the iPhone 7?

Has Apple ditched the home button on the iPhone 7?

In leaked photos, it seems that Apple has replaced the familiar home button for something completely different. The images show the front of the highly anticipated iPhone 7 and the main button of the Apple phone is replaced by a touch-sensitive home button or a touch-sensitive pad. Also, the  front camera and the proximity sensor have been moved.

The leak is not confirmed yet, so whether the pictures show the truth, is still questionable. According to sources, the home button is placed on the same level as the rest of the phone and hence is no longer in print. Users of the iPhone 7 will have to tap to perform actions, such as opening apps and turning Siri. The new home button may not need to be pressed but works on a simple touch.


Image Courtesy – Mobi Picker

However, a number of other websites are claiming that the photos are fake and show a latest Android Phone. There is very little known about the latest iPhone, but it will be launched in a few months. Although there are many rumors circulating about the seventh version, Apple has kept remarkably quiet around these statements. It seems we just have to wait neatly on the release of the phone, which is expected to take place in September. A little more patience, guys!

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