GSMagic Team FAKE Confirmed

GSMagic Team FAKE Confirmed
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43 Comments on GSMagic Team FAKE Confirmed

  1. Bro if you read the posts in Greek they didn't make any sense they were obviously fake , also don't google translate from greek to english it just isn't right ! If you see anything in greek again tell me and I'll translate it for you ( for free )

  2. I knew they were fake all along. You see teams like TaiG and Pangu being quiet about their Jailbreaking status while these guys just tweeted repeatedly on Twitter just trying to seek attention. And who makes deadlines for jailbreaks??? Just release when it's ready. They are bullshit!

  3. As soon as I got a notification saying they were fake I instantly got upset,i lost my jailbreak and have been waiting months to re jailbreak and was really hoping for something today or tomorrow, also if you think about it realistically pangu/ taig could wait to release a utility after looking at ios 10 beta i mean if it doesn't close exploits they could wait even longer

  4. Thanks everyone wants to be a hero but looks like they'are zero…..wankers wanting to be cool, it's not that easy to code a jail break if it was a lot of people would be doing it themselves

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