Google releases Android N preview, hello split screen (CNET Update)

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The next version of Android arrives in a developer preview. But while we check out new features, Google is also busy with its AI computer defeating the Go world champion. Is this how mankind goes down?

25 Comments on Google releases Android N preview, hello split screen (CNET Update)

  1. Most are on KitKat? What a joke Cnet! Look at that chart again and Cnet have split Lollipop between 5.0 and its update 5.1. But that update is STILL Lollipop and both numbers together add up to 36.1% – higher than KitKat! Get your facts straight!

  2. Typing in the notification bar WAS something Google did back in lollypop but no one ever took advantage of it. Handcent tried it for a little bit then abandoned it for no reason.

  3. People on the comments section comparing Samsung's split screen on TouchWiz to Google's split screen on Android are stupid. Do people not realize that TouchWiz is just a handful of new features on top of Android? The reason why Samsung added it to TouchWiz before Google to Android is because Samsung doesn't have to invest time maintaining the entire Operating System, Google does that for them. Are people retarded?

  4. thats one of the bad things about Android vs Apple, Apple users can run the latest OS at a much faster rate since there is one company that makes the os and hardware compared to the many companies that make Android phones

  5. This is why competition is important. Everyone and their mother is going to be saying "Those features were on iOS a while ago" (I'll admit, I said that to myself). The point is that everyone gets these features. They're good features to have! Hopefully there won't be any hate on either side about this.

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