GIVEAWAY: Warriors of Glory Gameplay, Helpful Walkthrough

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Warriors of Glory is an awesome mobile ARPG. This gameplay walkthrough will give you tips and tricks for playing Warriors of Glory. Giveaway inside! (OPEN FOR MORE)

** PLAY WARRIORS OF GLORY (it’s free):

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In this first look at Warriors of Glory, I’ll give you an overview of the tutorial and the first several levels playing as an assassin. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up! I’m playing on iOS on my iPhone 6+, but these tips and tricks will work on iOS (iPhone or iPad) and Android.


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19 Comments on GIVEAWAY: Warriors of Glory Gameplay, Helpful Walkthrough

  1. It sort of looks like 99 Knights. Yeah, nobody remembers that game. 🙂 They should have male/female choice of each character and add more characters, a viking, pirate, knight and archer. Maybe let the player customize their look a little bit. I play DCCU sometimes just to create a character, get to level 30 then quit and create a new character. After level 30 you have to start spending real money, it's for the hardcore players.

  2. I just have one problem with mobile games: they'd require me to get off my ass and be mobile. Well, that's not going to happen. I'm not going to get out of this chair and stop watching Instagamrr videos for any warriors, glorious or otherwise!
    Also, I think they should have gone with your name for the barbarian class. Ham Hock Fisty Guy is way more memorable.

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