Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Under water test and Issues (pictures and video)

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While on a vacation With the family I decided to test the waterproofing of the Galaxy S7 in the pool.

I loved the Sony Xperia devices in the past for being able to use them in the pool.

So the video has issues and taking pictures was also a issue.

check out what I ended up doing to get to even get the footage I show you here

Thank you and Enjoy.

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20 Comments on Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Under water test and Issues (pictures and video)

  1. If you don't mind me asking is there anything that you did to fix the sensitivity of the touch? I recently put my S7 through the pool, and the screen is completely spontaneous to where I touch and I can't really do anything properly and efficiently. I don't know if the chlorine had an effect or not, but I was watching other videos and people put the phone in water and the screen touch seemed to work perfectly fine… so if you know anything please let me know, thanks.

  2. i dropped my s7 edge a couple of times k (no visible damage at all) and now im kinda worried the water resistance will fail 🙁 Also is it safe to use it in the shower?

  3. Cool! I was waiting for someone to come out with an underwater video, glad the first one was yours that I saw 🙂

    I'm sure there is an Xposed module out there which prevents use of the touchscreen when in certain apps and remap the buttons as shutter press or something.

    thumbs up

  4. Yes Xperia is much better to use underwater with a camera button and touchblock.
    Besides it feels much more safe as they have been building waterproof phones for over three years and have released so many waterproof models…

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