Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Speed Test!

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Galaxy S7 is the most powerful android smartphone that we can buy right now while the iPhone 6s is the fastest phone from Apple. How do they compare in terms of speed?

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26 Comments on Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Speed Test!

  1. I think, you're a iDiot Apple fanboy, I'm Samsung and Apple fan, but this video was corrupted. You not show the time for apps, you not put system apps, or browser test, iPhone is faster just when this open the games, and some times in browse test. iPhone is muck better at multitasking, because iOS has better optimisation. Samsung has a bigger resolution, than the Apple. But anyway, I don't understand the snapdragon version, crap at speed and shit at optimisations, exynos version is much better, check that

  2. It's not true the iPhone is faster BECAUSE of it having less pixels. Rendering resolution is only a small part of total performance, and is particular enough to only be visible in certain use cases.
    IF it were really the difference, then the 6s would be much faster than the 6s Plus, which renders everything at a much higher 2208*1242 resolution. But that simply isn't the case. The 6s Plus would smoke the GS7 just as much.

  3. False ! iPhone 6S is better in multitasking .. Samsung is worst in ram management . Do watch the speed test video of phonebuff . U will notice that how slow is S7 edge over iPhone 6S

  4. Yo fandroids, chill! That's why it's called a speed test! Don't get so mad! For example: Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive, right? WHAT IF his leg got injured then he was offered for a race match by someone who was not injured and rather quick too and Bolt accepts the offer? Well, you could easily guess that the challenger wins. If S7 got to push more pixels, then it's slower, like Bolt has to suffer the leg injury. Then, 6S has less pixels to push, that's why it's faster. And no matter what, you can't deny that 6S is faster. Don't keep complaining that S7 has to push more pixels.

  5. This comparisons are so useless.. Both of them are top phones, the real differences are related the O.S not on hardware teste and scores and bla bla bla. Both of them have the very top of hardware on it.

  6. Iphone is beast magical flawless i owned s7 note 5 but not satisfied with them i always go back to iphone bc its really perform well very smooth sophisticated samsung look good but performance is cheap compare to iphone its my honest opinion i would risk my life with iphone its a solid device

  7. slow galaxy for the retard
    always prefer the ios fluency over that shit
    iphone does everything better and faster … all games and apps customized for the ios
    android = garbage

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