Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test Comparison

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In this video we pit the new Exynos Variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 against the iPhone 6S to see which performs better under day to day usage scenarios… opening apps, games, launching the camera, managing memory and so on…

Samsung Galaxy S7 – –

Apple iPhone 6S – –

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26 Comments on Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test Comparison

  1. Sundar, your reviews are killer… after watching 8 hours of phone reviews I stumbled into your page… this speed test is exactly how it should be done.. however hardware specs like drop test and water test is also needed. My I phone 5s keeps getting moisture inside it's screen when I sweat in summer. So I need to know which phone hardware could take our INDIAN climate.. cheers.

  2. I think its embarrassing that the android world suck in games compared to iOS. It dosent matter if Samsung or another android device put 100GB ram, or 60GHz 32cores, it will still suck compared to iPhone gaming.

    Anyway thanks for the video its not your fault!!?

  3. to all the apple fans, keep in mind that the s7 is pushing 4 times more pixels than the iPhone 6s so of course the iPhone 6s will be faster overall

  4. I just wanted to say this. I have a galaxy S7 edge and I know it has a octacore exynos proccessor. but wat people need to understand is that it only uses 4 at a time. IT NEVER USES ALL 8 AT THE SAMETIME. The iphone does move faster but not that much faster. Both of the phone are optimized BUT you have to take into consideration that Android is a WAY bigger OS to push because of all of the feature. iOS is a very simple OS and BIG duel Cores that they only keep optimizing is all they need. technically the galaxy is a Qaud core phone because it just a little-Big Architecture. the Litte core are for day to day use (mostly as i have seen on my Galaxy S7 Edge, which SAVES A TON OF BATTERY) and the Big cores are Needed for gaming, redering videos and Heavy Operations like that. since the iPhone is mostly a GPU dependant phone, it is quicker and the good optimization. but my galaxy S7 is super quick for how have this OS is and the 2K resolution screen. Rant over.

  5. Did you noticed that the iPhone take 3 Live Photos so fast??? And to the guys saying "resolution helped the iPhone" remember iPhone is only 2cores and 2 gb of ram, Galaxy s7 is 8 cores and 4 gb of ram, stop crying fanboys, iPhone 6plus still beat Galaxy s7 and is 1080p. So shut up fucking fandroids

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