Galaxy S7 USB OTG Connector : 5 COOL Things to do with it !

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Every Galaxy S7 comes with an OTG USB Connector. It allows you to connect virtually any USB device to your Galaxy S7!

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Video Highlights:
1)Connect USB card reader, so you can upload pics from DSLR straight to instagram

2)Connect Mouse and Keyboard directly to phone, so you can type and be more productive.

3)Charge any device connected with a standard USB cable. You can charge headphones, drones, other phones even!

4)You can connect USB dongles and even external hard drives to your phone. This is great if you don’t want to fill up the external storage of your phone. They Galaxy S7 has micro sd support, but this is also good for those phones without this capability.

5)Gaming Controller – You can use the OTG connector with a USB game controller, and it should work out of the box. The PS4 controller does not work using this method at the moment, I just used it…

22 Comments on Galaxy S7 USB OTG Connector : 5 COOL Things to do with it !

  1. The only annoying thing about it is with otterboxes you have to take off the case to use it. Oh, I use an afterglow ps3 controller and emulators which is really fun, I recommend it to anyone.

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  3. I made a video about testing a Xbox 360 controller. It actually worked for me, although a mix of the comments say it does work while the others say it doesn't. It seems it only works on the US Verizon phone, which is odd.

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