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– HTC One X9 arrives to take on the Chinese market
– Verizon-branded BlackBerry Priv receives FCC blessing, launch a matter of time now
– LG V10 US sales described as ‘strong’ thus far, chiefly with ‘younger generation’
– Amazon Germany halts sales of Lumia 950 XL – what went wrong?
– Purported Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus cases support unaltered design theories

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we discuss the recent news of the HTC One X9 arriving to the Chinese market. Then we discuss the status of the BlackBerry Priv on its way to Verizon. LG follows as it seems that the LG V10 has exceeded expectations in sales. Amazon in…

34 Comments on Galaxy S7 leaked, Verizon BlackBerry Priv & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. the design was great, Samsung just dropped the ball by ditching SD card tray and setting such a high price point for a model with any kind of respectable storage option. love the feel and design of the new Samsung devices so I hope they don't depart too far from this. If the rumors of the S7 edge being a 5.5" display are true then I am very interested in the edge variant as 5.5 seems to be a sweet spot for displays imo

  2. If the design of s7 is going to be the same or with small changes I'm not going to upgrade to s7 even though I loved htc m8 with same design on m9 didn't make no sense to do that upgrade….

  3. HTC kept its design: FAILURE, Samsung almost kept it with the GS5: sold bad (compared to what they expected)
    It feels like keeping the design means that the phone will sell bad…. just statistics, it feels like

  4. I switched from android a year ago and followed it with iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s. Honestly I find it hard to switch to any other device now. Though nothing much changed in iPhone 6s, the overall performance is great. I don't know how much have changed in android over the past one year but as far as I know, google is doing very little to attract more customers. I understand implementing technological innovations would take time but why release an incomplete product. Rather perfect everything and release it as a complete package. Well I am talking about the Google pixel c tablet!

    And android are doing very little to come up with innovative designs. Sadly….

  5. Galaxy s7 is already pissing me off, bring back some of the features from the s5, mix the 2 together, keep the design of the galaxy s6, but Bring back water and dust resistant! and I know they won't bring back removable batteries but hey, a guy can dream right…..smh if the iPhone s7 goes waterproof I'm switching to team apple?

  6. Design was ok, we give more importance for the externel sd card feature and remouvable battery feature. if samsung don't make those features in s7 iam not going to buy it. i will stick with the s5 lol.

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