Galaxy S7 Edge – Snapdragon vs Exynos Speed Test!

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In this video we pit the Snapdragon 820 variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge against the Exynos 8890 variant to see which performs better under day to day usage scenarios… opening apps, games, launching the camera, and so on…

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20 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge – Snapdragon vs Exynos Speed Test!

  1. Hello @Ash, Samsung S7 gets BRICKED when trying to turn on/reconnect wifi. I have to perform Hard Reset (Vol.down+pwr button). While performing heavy network activity downloading files/folders in the background (4-5 minutes after screen turns off) wifi connection drops. If you try to reconnect wifi, the phone will lock up. At this point I have to perform a hard reset with "volume down+power button". Do you know anything about this problem or can you do a test.

    Device: GS7 – Exynos – Dual Sim. CloudPlayer downloading music from online library for offline playback writing GigaBytes to SD Card.

  2. so the snapdragon is slower but has better memory management, but the exyons is faster and doesn't have good memory management! I guess it comes down to preference. to bad they can't make a phone thats good at both

  3. This Guy OWNS the SNAP DRAGON VERSION OF S7. I have seen and watched all of the comparison of speed, and ram and multi tasking of SNAPDRAGON S7 vs. Exynos S7 Version. Only in this video the exynos had strugle. Stop being Biased.

  4. Why does in your video the snapdragon keep the apps open in background but in another guys video it is the exynos that does that. Im confused now, i want to buy the s7 that does keep my apps open in background

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