Galaxy S7 Edge Review – 2 Things I Hate. 7 Things I Love.

Review of the S7 Edge after a full week covering the top features and flaws. (Oops – It’s still Gorilla Glass 4. Not 5)
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35 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge Review – 2 Things I Hate. 7 Things I Love.

  1. Hi Dave! I got an upgrade coming up on my phone (currently iPhone 6) and was wondering if this phone is worth the move to the android world or staying with iPhone?

  2. Haha I'm impressed that you're forcing yourself to use Touchwiz, Dave. Most people wouldn't even give it a shot.

    For me, the the thing I hated most about Touchwiz was the look of its icons and the god awful bright green and blue notifications and quick settings bar. Luckily the addition of themes in the last generation solved both of these issues. Even better, Marshmallow's default colors for the bar are now true blue and white, so people who aren't into customization don't get those bright colors by default.

    For a lot of tech-savvy users, it was the lag that made Touchwiz unbearable, so I'm glad that's basically gone too.

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