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– T-Mobile gives iPhone SE away, shaves $130 off any tablet for Father’s Day
– DirecTV subscribers can get iPhone 6s free, up to five more half-off at AT&T
– MotoMod hinted to give 10X optical zoom to Moto Z
– Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition pops up near $1,200
– App subscriptions just part of series of changes Phil Schiller to make to App Store

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the recent T-Mobile giveaways, which include an iPhone SE, along with discounts on tablets. DirectTV follows as the company…

25 Comments on Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition price, App Store change & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. If you want devs to make more money, let them charge for major app updates. This will motivate both the dev to improve his/her app, and the user to pay, if he/she wants the latest and greatest.

  2. If Apple really wants to help developers then Why it doesn't reduce their 30% cut to 10% that"s enough for apple for doing nothing cos 30% that is way too much. I can understand the pain of developers but in the end, everything comes out customers Apple won't take out a single penny. plus, they charge every customer 1$ while putting credit details which is supposed to be given back to customers but in reality, It never does. Showing fake sympathy…
    Greedy Apple

  3. subscription could work if it it is price correctly that way there's incentive for developers to keep making that app better whereas if you pay up front for an app say 15 bucks and the developer disappear after 6 months and app get neglected it'll be your lost, I've already seen many apps that stop updating after awhile

  4. Recently apple has been trying to fix lots of things ….Like the new magic mouse with bottom charger and 480p potato cam macbooks……Now they want to fix the appstore……..Great let them play alone in their walled garden…I'm done………….

  5. Full upfront or freemioum with the ability to get all free if you plan to do the work or paid if your lazy. DLC content im ok with to add more to your paid game.

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