Galaxy S7 Edge Color Comparison

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The Galaxy S7 Edge comes in three colours but which is the best and the must-have? Let’s find out in this Galaxy S7 Edge Color Comparison.

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36 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge Color Comparison

  1. i bought my silver s7 edge yesterday and it looks so damn beautiful. my dad got the black one because black was not available at the time he bought it. Silver Titanium looks way more expensive and make it look like a more serios product than the black one. i have both in front of me and can say this for sure. greetings from germany

  2. I personally don't see why anyone would want white. Looks too cheap – like plastic and probably easily shows any crud it picks up along the way. I'm just not a white product person.

  3. This is the sexiest phone ever made and I want one and I do not even talk on the phone much lol. I hate my iphone and tossing around the idea of canceling my sprint and going to this or wait till the s8 comes out

  4. i want to buy the silver, but I really curious about the black one in person, is that really that elegant? already saw the Gold one and wow that maybe the prettiest phone I've ever seen, but I'm afraid it will be too 'bling-bling'… STILL CAN'T decide tho, want to see the display on store this afternoon…

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