Galaxy S7 Edge – Bend Test, Scratch test, Burn Test

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Brand new phones means brand new tests… Lets see how the Galaxy S7 survives my durability tests. First we will take my scratch tools to tell where the phone will land on Mohs Scale of Hardness. Then we’ll check the camera lens, and the frame of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. And finish off with a BURN test and a bend test. Will the phone survive?! Better watch the three minute video and find out.

Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit:

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this Metabones adapter:

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48 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge – Bend Test, Scratch test, Burn Test

  1. burn tests are good! a few year ago i put my phone next to some dj disco lights while chatting away to a girl i picked my phone up and the frame around the screen melted within a few minutes with the extreme heat they gave of 😉 subscribed ;)

  2. wow, I'm pretty impressed with the scratch test! Go Samsung! I'm really glad this phone is pretty durable all around, as I am a bit hard on phones. Being that it is almost entirely encased in glass (and that I am clumsy), I bought an Otterbox case immediately. It isn't a guarantee since the force of an impact or direct weight on the phone can still shatter the glass (especially the unprotected screen), but it is definitely a necessary precaution against small falls from your pocket. I have dropped mine several times in the month I have had it without any noticeable difference. But, definitely try to prevent it from dropping when you can, as I felt some kind of component/s vibrate slightly when I was absent mindedly tapping my phone on my thigh the other day.

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