Galaxy S7 Edge – 48 Hours Later!

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A fun twist on a Galaxy S7 Edge review, covering an unboxing + more!
Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge Giveaway!
Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Speedtest:

Ralphy bought a GS7 off Craiglist!

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46 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge – 48 Hours Later!

  1. wow man i know its been a while ago since you posted this vid and i think i watched it over 3 or 4 times to help me make my decision but i got my s7 edge today and what an amazing piece of tech. everything is so polished and smooth, it just works perfectly. wasnt able to notice any flaws up to this point. thanks for this vid bud!

  2. I always turn autofocus off on phones. You don't need it until you shoot macro close-ups. The sensor is so small, there is nothing to focus on. It's all sharp all the time. If anything, AF can actually give you blurry images, if you snap away when it's within close focus range. If it can't be turned off, there's usually a mountain/landscape icon and that will lock focus. This mode will take the photos when you want it to, instead of hunting through a focus range without any purpose. Mountain icon FTW.

  3. Still wasn't made with audiophiles in mind. I bet that the average consumer listens to music through their smartphone, not to mention all those YouTube videos…
    I don't know… I'd rather listen to music than take photos.

  4. Yeah btw, the Sony Xperia Z(2013) was just as waterproof and I had that phone for 2 years, everything was fine after swimming with it in a pool.

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