Galaxy S7 Complete Tear down – Screen replacement, Charging port fix

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Smart Phone Tool Kit From Amazon:
GOLD GS7 Screen:
Gold Back Glass:
Charging port: (make sure it fits your model)
Galaxy S7 Battery:
GS7 Fingerprint Scanner:
Large Suction cup:


Here is the full teardown and disassemble of the Brand New Samsung Galaxy S7. This video will show you the process behind removing the screen, charging port, battery, and all of the other components inside the Galaxy S7.

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this Metabones adapter:

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48 Comments on Galaxy S7 Complete Tear down – Screen replacement, Charging port fix

  1. I just have a question what if samsung service center guys open up my device the same way u do….will my s7edge stay water resistant when they put it back together

  2. hi my s7 front glass was broken yesterday…is there a chance to be replaced just the front glass? and there's no need to open the back and touch some other pieces on its board?

  3. thats why here in my town samsung has a nice scheme . if ur charging ports get defect they will change the entire display for free as a complimentary now i get it why they are doing this .

  4. I just just found out that the gs7 and gs7 edge use a new technology for optically bonding the amoled display to the cover glass. Samsung calls it static adhesion, they pretty much charge the amoled screen with static and as they lay the cover glass in top it will naturally Adhere to the amoled giving it the same effect as a glued screen would but without the actual glue. Pretty cool I thought!

  5. Wow, I was watching this video so intensely that at the end for a second I was surprised to see my own phone still in one piece on my desk.

  6. when you repair it, you'll use factory adhesive to put screen back on and rear panel or just some double sided tape? also, can you do a home button scratch test? I wonder if it scratches easily, my S5 is full of hairline scratches

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