Fix most iMessage activation issues (iOS 9.3.3)

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How to resolve most iMessage and FaceTime activation issues in under 5 minutes.…

Works on iOS 7.1.2 and up, including iOS 9.3.3

Note: This procedure works only on original non-jailbroken unmodified iPhones

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

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31 Comments on Fix most iMessage activation issues (iOS 9.3.3)

  1. Each time i try it it just keep loading telling me "waiting for activation…'' after a couple of hours i see it showing me that the operation was unsuccessful then the only thing appearing in send and receive is only my e-mail adress not my phone number although it is appearant above the contacts in the contact list .I can still send text msges and receive them aswell but i can only send images and not receive them on imessage. Please help me with this issue it's driving me nuts i tried everything and still nothing.

  2. Man youre a genius. I did all the procedure but still doesnt work. Im using wifi so I guess ill do it again with my carrier data plan. I hope this time will be successful. Thanks for this video

  3. Hi Vladimir. I sent an imessage to somebody and it got stuck sending. I became impatient and decided to delete the message instead. Then I learned that deleting an iMessage does not stop it from sending. So now since I've already deleted the message, I can't see whether the message was successfully delivered or failed to send. And I don't want to text a second time because I don't want there to be two text messages. Do you know if theres any way I can see whether or not the text delivered or failed to send? Thanks for any help you can give and great video!

  4. It's worked….in a funny way. So, I now have 4G where I only had 3G before trying this! I can only send pictures with wifi turned off. Still better than before but any ideas?

  5. Hi Vladimir, I am still having troubles, even when I had all my network rest and sing out of imessage and FaceTime every time that restart the message of activation still comes out….

  6. yesterday i changed my sim for a while and insert my default sim but my imessage is activated on another sim but i am trying to activate on default sim but i am not able to change the number its always try to activate on new sim… please help me…..

  7. Hi. So I was trying to fix my imessage acivation problem, I followed all the steps in your video but when I check if my phone number and email is listed on "you can be reached at" list, my phone number is grayed out and it has that loading icon beside it. Do you think the steps on this tutorial worked and I just need to wait for 24 hr. or the steps did not work on my iphone? 

  8. Have a 6s, I don't actually have service, i use Google Hangouts as my means of calling, and texting. Will this fix the "Waiting for Activation" if I don't have a sim card?

  9. It keeps telling me "an error occurred during activation. Please try again" under iMessage. My iMessage started sending from my email last night, when before that it would send & receive from my phone number. This is the third time it has happened to me, an I forgot how I fixed this previously. This is the longest it has lasted. Please help! It seems I have tried everything, and nothing has resolved!

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