First 4K Smartphone! (Sony Xperia Z5 Premium)

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Z5, and Z5 Compact are the new Xperia family of smartphones. Sony’s latest attempt brings the world’s first 4K smartphone, the Z5 Premium. Featuring a 2160 by 3840 display with 806 pixels per inch, its one monster display! But is it worth it? Take a look at our first glance with the new flagship from Sony!

OnePlus 2 Skin:
Note 5 Skin:
S6 Edge+ Skin:

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31 Comments on First 4K Smartphone! (Sony Xperia Z5 Premium)

  1. The screen is too dull, the screen isn't 4 k all the time only while playing video in 4 k otherwise 1080p, the processor is an 810 (horrible chip) and sony UI is horrible.

    Not what i call a great phone rather silly experiment with 4 k.

  2. Who gives a fuck about 4k, when the physical size of the phone still remains the same!! 4k means 1 floor tall screen, not the phone and TV crap, they must stop bullshitting with people!!

  3. Those skins are so tacky. The S6 Edge looks a lot more elegant naked, and aesthetically those skinned devices all absolutely pale in comparison to the Xperia Z5 premium.

  4. Well I think I just found my new phone ? unless lg can persuade me with their rumored note competitor, after having my G3 for a year 1080p just doesn't cut it for me anymore, I love the extra pixels and clarity

  5. What the fuck is up with all these casual illogical noobs?

    The content only comes AFTER…!!!AFTER!!!, the device hardware.

    4K mobile content only comes AFTER there are existing 4K display devices on the market, not the other way around.

    It's like you're trying to say a plot of soil isn't needed because there's not enough vegetables on it to harvest.

  6. 4k screen, fingerprint sensor, charging on the bottom, fast charging Stock app for screen recording and twitch streaming from your phone, Ps4 remoteplay ridiculously good camera all the things people wont shut up about, and still cannot get off of samsungs dick haha QHD better than 4k LOL you could argue that AMOLED is better than lcd but thats about it. Doesnt matter what Sony does people will never stop shitting on there devices because of fanboyism or paid product placement. It is oftgen VERY hard to find a real review because everyone has a bias to one phone or another.

  7. I don't know why some people don't like Sony's UI ..!! seriously ..!! it's the best good looking UI , it's so elegant , unlike other phones UIs which they look almost cartoonish ..

  8. I think this is a good improvement for Sony. If they bring the next Ultra with SD820 and 4GB RAM and Force Touch, I think I would definitely get that instead of having a phone and a tablet. I'm looking forward for 2016, I still think this year's devices are not good enough for the premium price they ask

  9. Great video. I appreciate the fact that you recorded the video in 4K. Kudos to you. The Z5 premium looks good, but I doubt it would look so much better than the current Samsung Galaxy flagships displays. Also looking at the sample pictures in the video, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus look slightly better.

  10. Four smartphone innovations that aren't that useful now but will be when 5G comes to America.

    1. Wireless charging: C'mon are you really too lazy to plug in your phone? There's no wireless wireless charging so what's the point if you still have to plug it in?

    2. USB type-C: It's not the standard USB cord just yet, so it'll be difficult to replace.
    3. Extremely Hi Def displays: Many smartphone apps aren't in 4K and many are barely in 2k resolution so 1080p for right now is sufficient.

    4. NFC and Bluetooth: This two technologies are very useful now but may not be so useful in the future sense manufacturers and carriers are trying to create one size fits all 5G network that takes the place of NFC and Bluetooth.

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