Fantasy War Tactics – Top 5 Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Secrets YOU NEED TO KNOW – 슈퍼판타지워

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I run down 5 of my top tips, tricks & secrets to do well in Fantasy War Tactics! And get ahead.

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38 Comments on Fantasy War Tactics – Top 5 Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Secrets YOU NEED TO KNOW – 슈퍼판타지워

  1. Honestly, I just started playing in like a week ago and thanks for the tips and tricks it really helps me a lot. great explaination and content.

    can i join your guild or something ? because I'm like playing alone here and it gets kinda bored.

    anyway, I just subscribed and can't wait for more vids from Vahn ManX.

    cheers dude ! keep it up !!

  2. So far, I'm not very engrossed in this game. I've played for two weeks and I'm sick of it now. Takes up too much time, but that's just me. For me, my Ian is surprisingly powerful. I don't know what I did. Maybe it's his potentials, or maybe his equipment, or maybe I levelled up his skill very quickly, but my Ian is much more useful than Carrot. I don't know which hero is good and which is bad, but my Ian has very high damage, vey high critical, and survives well.

  3. It's a great game, but it crashes so much that it sucks. My Lord level is at 68 already and I'm considering to stop playing until the fix those shitty crashes.

  4. hey there.
    OK I have expedition on lev 10, I have MU working on Ryu, Have Carrot and Deborah, maxed out Lords healing skill and maxed lord exp gain.

    What should I do now? working on genes everyday and doing battles, any other particular chars I should go for now? I have warewolf to change Chris… what else?


  5. hey Im fallowing yout guides all good but was wondering about 2 things:
    1. crystals – got expedition to level 7, should I get it to 10 or spend crystals on lord costume first? or what?
    2. Deborah is nice got her to 3* already but why her movement is so bad? can I fix it somehow? will she get boost later or something?

  6. Another thing to add on for the SS requirement, if you've entered the dungeon without pressing the magnifying glass beforehand, you can press and hold onto the current turn counter while you're in the dungeon and it'll let you know the turn requirements for each rank of SS / S / A

  7. I cannot buy crystals online (because I don't have a suitable card to purchase with) and I was looking for cheats to get more crystals but I couldn't find anything that would actually work 🙁
    Do you have some tips for me please ?

  8. another good tip is to adjust settings to low quality for anyone skipping frames. I find it still looks really nice and runs super smooth. Nexon did an awesome job with performance to look ratio.

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