Facebook AI Can Understand Everything You Write

Facebook AI Can Understand Everything You Write

Imagine you’re chatting with a friend through Facebook and saying that you need a ride. What if Facebook can understand your need and offer you an Uber? Well, soon it’s going to be a reality as the social media giant just introduced its newest artificial intelligence system in order to better understand how humans communicate.

Dubbed as DeepText, this AI can scrutinize thousands of posts per second with nearly human accuracy in over 20 variant languages. Facebook think it has solved the biggest challenge for AI, understanding context. Rather than assigning words to specific integers, its DeepText AI uses a mathematical concept named “word embeddings”, which maintains semantic relationships among words, meaning when you type “bro”, it will recognize it short for “brother”, as well as other slang and intricacies of human languages.


This method also helps DeepText to better understand the context. For instance, if you say “I like blackberry”, it will understand whether you’re referring to a fruit or device by looking at the context of your conversation.

Facebook Messenger could be the first obvious application for DeepText to start rolling on. Using its Messenger chatbots, some users are already doing simple stuff like ordering pizza or finding news. At the moment, it’s not that good but DeepText will surely help it to be smarter. Hopefully, in the near future, it will better understand individual people, places and will be able to use them to offer a more personalized recommendation.

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