Everything we know about the iPhone 7 right now (Apple Byte)

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We’ll dive into the iPhone 7’s rumored design, dual lens camera system, lack of headphone jack and wireless “Air Buds” so you can sound like a smarty pants.

26 Comments on Everything we know about the iPhone 7 right now (Apple Byte)

  1. Apple is a slave profit company who couldn't care less about customer satisfaction. they bank on the fact that stupid Americans will buy they're garbage phones based on a familiar grammatical concept (Apple). but if any human with two braincells to rub together will realize, apples products are cheap Chinese slavery products with little to no value.

  2. Water proof, and what about their solar charging patents? If they do wireless charging I like the idea of this 15 feet away from any cord idea. But with typical Applerie if that is real we'll be waiting another year or two

  3. Honestly, I love Apple but they aren't changing much… and the only reason I don't switch to Samsung is because I love iTunes, how all apple devices connect, and the fact that Apple's pre loaded apps don't take up as much space as Samsung's phones. Also I don't think Samsung's phones have great battery life. So in the end I still think Apple is better despite the cool innovative things Samsung has.

  4. Why not just a make a thicker phone, put a nice big battery in it, and keep the headphone jack. I won't be buying the iPhone 7 if there is no headphone jack, I don't want to use a stupid adapter I hope this rumor doesn't come true.

  5. Apple's innovations: bigger screen, oled screen, quad hd, 4k screen? flush camera, no antenna line, stereo speakers, dual cameras, wireless charging, and no 3.5mm headphone jack, and pro version for super expensive, yeah

  6. No more headphone jack? I guess they'll use the lightning cable for Digital Audio, which is a first for me. mag safe ear phones that will go wireless sounds cool and another first. Wireless charging… Samsung does that already with wireless fast charging as well, so that would be new for me as well. New iPhone sounds interesting, but I wish they would change the design more often in a more drastic way. I know I'll get a lot of "trigger" comments but all well, bring the trolls, I own a LG Leon lmmfao

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