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It went down Legendary 4/16/09 Young Drake Pledge to Funkmaster Flex for sometime to come that he was with him, then he did something that hasnt been done in quite a while…..Freestyled AT Hot 97, for the audio download go to Hot97.com or FunkmasterFlex.com

39 Comments on DRAKE FREESTYLE at HOT97

  1. Wack ass bullshit! Freestylin isn't reading off a blackberry…Tf…it's supposed to be off yo head….I could see if he had fire on his fone nd wanted to rap it but wtf he had time to not only take the time to make it but practice it too nd don't get me wrong….he a good artist I guess but wtf is this

  2. My way of describing my feelings towards Drake have always been, I love his taste in music and the sound he creates but he is weak as fuck in every other category.

  3. The craziest part is that if he put those in a song social media would fuck with it heavy. Putting "look good, smell better, and I rhyme ill' under they pictures and shit.

  4. I think theres no other choice than to stay forever in the 90s. Once you know whats really good you cant help but to compare, and this new generation of shit "rappers" commanded by Drake is a fuckin shame to the game as method man would say

  5. bro y'all need to stop hating. He probably wrote it the night before he spit it but the bars were still heavy. Every rapper doesn't have to be good freestylers. Drake did good?????

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