Crashlands Tips, Tricks and Crafting Guide

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This is a Tips and Tricks video for the video game Crashlands. It also acts as a guide on how to play Crashlands covering the top 10 tips for the game as well as a general crafting guide.
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The Game Developers Butterscotch Shenanigans story can be found here:

“The Last Game I Make Before I Die” – The Story of ‘Crashlands’, Cancer and Leaving a Legacy

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The games manual can be found here:

In this video I am going to go over some Crashlands tips and tricks and some ideas on How To play the video game Crashlands. This video answers common questions like how to craft, and where to find crafting recipes. There are enough tips here to act like a top 10 facts on how to play Crashlands.

I go over techniques, tips and tricks in Crashlands to guide you on how to fight and win hard battles as well as beating bosses, how to use pets and…

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  1. I'll go over some of the things that he didn't cover
    1 the ring slots in the inventory are for trinkets
    2 try not to visit the same spot more than two times a day because plants and rocks take one day to respawn
    3 try to look for dirt when exploring because it's used to make furdel dirt which is used to plant seeds also it's a good recipe farm
    4 remember to recycle your old items in the inventory in the top right corner
    If There is anything else I missed tell me

  2. Great review! I really appreciate you not yelling at your viewers. I thumbs down right off the bat for that nonsense. Also this game is lots of fun, I look forward to many hours of discovery.

  3. Spoilers: Uugy's Meadow questline gets you potted baconweed, great for farming for the very powerful 1st healing potion. roughly south east of the crash pod, but before Powaapol.

  4. this entire garbage video didnt even bother to talk about crafting weapons and amour and the proper best way to ensure you get a pink or better version of the item your crafting something the game actually states but very unclear… crap video thumbs down!

  5. just to correct this video the vamp stat is completely useless when playing the hardest difficulty the only one you should be playing… most monsters one shot you… vamp is trash k thnx

  6. I need some help, the quest from Jak to go far west to find the outpost where Hewgo has left his stuff, I cann't find that outpost ANYWHERE. I have searched for actual hours, and can't find it.

  7. I think the ship is making fun of how most ships start with SS, like SS Titanic. So it's proncounced S S S S. Anyway, I'm about to start this game, thanks for this video, the game looks great!

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