Crash test: Sony Xperia Z3

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Počas výstavy touchIT Live sme testovali smartfón Sony Xperia Z3 až do roztrhania tela

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  1. Говно ебанное с сервисов не вылазит
    Что не падение то сломанный экран
    А недавно упал опять треснул экран и неисправимо сломался

  2. Sony as a hole makes the audio capabilities with DSD, flac, HiRez in mind. that combined with enhanced software for video it rivals the newest phones if not better in 2016. durability standpoint. you can record for audio in avc 256 Kb/s to mp3 356 kb/s respectively higher in all ways against iPhone of any model. even has stereo as a common set feature. it has way more specs for audiophile type listening, with top quality viewing. theres a Sony app Cinema FV-5 is a wonderful app that maximizes the 8mp camera with software from the same company, external microphones such as boom mics with the appropriate attachments can make this little package a steal for HD anything. the newest Bluetooth lens styled cameras work impeccably with this device. high cost is mandatory for highest quality materials and xperiation of wonderful utilities.

  3. i dropped my z3 from the height of an average table. I saw my cat doing something funny and I quickly went upstairs to grab it cause I wanted to Take a picture. As I started running downstairs I did a swing with my hand and I kinda threw it. It fell on the floor on Its corner,bounced,bounced again as far as I remember,entered the bathroom and slid across it with Its face on the bottom (the floor was wet). I was like fuck Its over and I pick it up and all there is on the screen is 1mm scratch. It is pretty deep tough but nothing really notucable. Its just funny since older forums say that z3 cracks very easily and stuff. Has Sony maybe changed Its material since z3s launch?

  4. I had forgotten my xperia z3 on top of my car when I drove off, my phone fell and car behind me ran over it and when I went back to pick it up I was still in good shape just a slight bend but it went back to normal. so I very recommend it.

  5. Какого же хуя у меня на нем экран лопнул когда он шлепнулся с 35 см высоты?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! И ремонта на 15000!!!! хриплым!

  6. No shit..

    That's why mine cracked today when i got it out of pocket.
    Everything on, i was just walking a pair of sport pants and when i get it out..boom..surprise..cracked display. Fuck this..really angry.

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