Cool Features in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (YOU SHOULD KNOW)

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29 Comments on Cool Features in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (YOU SHOULD KNOW)

  1. i am udayan bhatt
    i have 32 lg ked tv(model no 6100 c) which supports usb
    i am unable to connect redmi note 3 with tv
    i mailed to but they have raised their hand and informed that we will take care in future.
    can u suggest any ideato connect redmi note 3 to tv?

  2. Sir… any better phone than redmi note 3 under 15k….or should I wait a month more for new upcoming mobiles..?? (My requirements r heavy load gaming, good battery backup,best camera n also accurate figure print sensor)

  3. boss, you are saying features & then you are showing how to change wallpaper and how to enable developer mode… I thought this video will show me redmi note 3 features. These are common things… get a coke and think again

  4. Be patients while doing the review and make sure you dont stuck anywhere, which makes the handset has a prob. you are making good effort but well prepared homework and some add on video skill would be added advantage. its a suggestion.

  5. you can use it as a powerbank also with an otg and an USB cable. and hide photos videos etc. there is a guest mode child mode read mode DND mode so many features you missed out bro.

  6. hlo frnd in the starting of video charge is 15% and end of vedio it remains only 3% thats it takes 12% charge only in 14 minutes vedio it prove that battery backup of this device not so good.

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