Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Samsung

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Are you ready for the new electronics? The Owl Network was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The above video (full screen preferred) demonstrates a small taste of what the future holds for you. Here are some tips:

Prepare your ears.
If your ears have already been brutalized by loud music and headphones in your younger years, then we have the answer for you. For the few audio nerves you have left, you will now have the bass that will rock your whole body. Ànd forget about not having that feeling at home. We have got you covered. Your floors will vibrate at such an intensity that you thought was reserved for a construction site next to your house or apartment. Lay down on the floor, and the music will give you a massage without going out.
Stock up the refrigerator.
You won’t believe the TV you are about to buy. Yes, you will want the new 4K, ultra high definition, curve, super duper television. You will work even harder to get the newest, greatest inventions. If…

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