CNET Update – Download if you dare: iOS 9 public beta is here

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Apple releases public previews of its mobile and desktop operating systems, Facebook gives you more News Feed controls, and Meerkat makes big changes to challenge Periscope.

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31 Comments on CNET Update – Download if you dare: iOS 9 public beta is here

  1. I have downloaded it ti my secondary iPhone5. 
    I think if Apple fix these bugs iOS9 will be a very good update. Its fluid on my iPhone5 and I had only a few crashes. I have already reported many bugs.

  2. Ok if i update, and backup, i understand its safe, but how do i get back to my original life and operating system when the official release comes out in the fall?

  3. I'm running iOS 9 beta as i type, it's not so bad, the only app that's not running is 1 out of 120 that I have installed, widget app. Also i have a custom keyboard installed which runs the same, as it did on iOS 8.3

  4. I tried but u can't use picture in picture in youtube and other applications only on safari so what's the point. Everything we watch is in apps. E.g. Netflix Youtube Hulu 

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