CNET Update – A Samsung Note 5 design flaw, and a ginormous storage drive

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Microsoft’s research team is working on a pocket 3D scanner, Swatch pokes fun at the Apple Watch, Note 5 owners need to be careful with their stylus, and Samsung debuts the world’s biggest hard drive.

37 Comments on CNET Update – A Samsung Note 5 design flaw, and a ginormous storage drive

  1. According to everybody below, I should erase myself from the world 🙁

    I was talking to somebody, and put my S-pen in backwards while not looking :/ I only realised when I went to push the other half of the pen through, and felt a point was pushing into my thumb. By then it was too far in, the pen only has to go in about half way to get stuck. :/. Definitely should have redesigned the clicky end.

  2. can you help me out ?
    i have never used a Samsung device before.
    i generally last a phone for 2 years!
    so as-per that will a "Note 5" last for at least "2 YEARS" without any issues ?
    does it have the quality to last ???
    as its an expensive smartphone .

  3. I don't care what anyone says, my Apple Watch lasts me 3 days on a single charge. 2 if I use it a lot. Who are these people who have trouble making it last an entire day??

  4. If you are trying to insert the S-Pen backwards despite getting that poking sensation on the finger with its tip, then you obviously are not smart enough and you should not own a smartphone for thinking people.

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