CNET Top 5 – Routers available today

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If you’re looking to upgrade your home network, you’re in luck. Any one of these routers will make your day.

36 Comments on CNET Top 5 – Routers available today

  1. As a consumer, it would have been nice if they would have given the [prices] for these routers, as well? But hey, this is C|Net where everyone is rich as shit and price doesn't matter.

  2. i wish i had faster internet 🙁 my parents have i think 8mbps just because they don't want to get rid of their home phone, don't want to pay more, and say "its fast enough"

  3. I love my RT-AC87U and would recommend it to anyone and everyone…well maybe not everyone….I used many routers but this is just an awesome router all arround with good speeds and great stability gets the job done

  4. I have both Airport Extreme 2nd & 3rd generations. They are really great and super fast and never stop working. I stream Youtube over Airplay, I play PS4 with wired connection and my wife stream video with iPad and it all works perfect for me.

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