CNET News – Line up for an iPhone 6, get a selfie with Tim Cook
Why do people wait in line for days at Apple stores for the latest iPhones? In Palo Alto, California, the answer is Tim Cook. The Apple CEO walked the entire line thanking customers and posing for selfies.

38 Comments on CNET News – Line up for an iPhone 6, get a selfie with Tim Cook

  1. Stupid Isheep idiots. Waiting in line don't even give u no discount. All u do is just get to meet the guy that is stealing your money. Dumb. Retards. Especially the fag who came all the way from Norway to be in the line

  2. Its funny when fandroids always brag about specs. C'mon people apple has software optimization hence it does 4,8,16, to freakin 100 cores to run smoothly.

    You fandroids are like comparing ferrari italia with a noob driver to a toyota camry with michael scumacher driving it. If you get what i mean

  3. Tim is a great CEO. If there was anyone who could have taken this job after steve it was tim. To keep this momentum going and introduce new products, services and software that will keep people so interested is a job well done id say.

  4. Iphone and apple can go suck a big one some where else, like why does sammy does not open there own store( they have TV,Phones,Cameras,Tabs,Laptops,…) and everything else sooo.. apple can suck a dick somewhere else

  5. Jesus I don't understand android fanatics. Why the hell are there so many bashing apple and the iphone 6? I have NEVER seen apple fanatics hate on android to this degree. You all need to calm down and shove a sock in it. If one wants to spend THEIR money on a phone, then let them it's not your money and it doesn't affect you in any way shape or form.

    All ille say is that android clearly has great hardware. But it is useless with the bullshit with the shitty ass software. And mobile software is what apple is so good at. 

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