CNET News – iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus
The new, larger iPhones have already set an Apple sales record for preorders. While the phones won’t be available in stores until Friday, a couple of CNET editors have already tested the devices. Is bigger really better?’s Sumi Das on what differentiates the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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  1. Anyone ever see the great comparison between the iPhone 6 and the Nexus 4? Google it, trust me. It's amazing what they finally caught up with in 4 years

  2. Can someone please answer my question? I pre ordered the iPhone 6 plus at target on the 13th will i still get it on the first day because i was the first one to order it from there? Or did 4 million sold include the in store iPhones and online or are just the online iPhone 6's out of stock?

  3. Omg galaxy is so desperate they have to take cheap shots at apple in commercials. there is a difference between just a big ugly poptart size phone and a nice largely sized sleek looking one. Apple takes its time..and does it right. 

  4. Crappy Androne rip off products. I'd rather live in another GALAXY than buy a Samsung Galaxy. I'd rather write a suicide NOTE than buy a Samsung Galaxy Note. I'd rather buy an iMac G3 than buy an LG G3. I'd rather be ONE year old than buy an HTC One. I'd rather use Windows VISTA than buy an LG G Vista. I'd rather take a TAB of XTC than buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab! iPhone for LIFE.

  5. so much demand for a phone that is just thinner and with the same features as the 4S.. that's incredible how stupid people get just by a GREAT PRESENTATION.. great job Apple

  6. Apple Pay will help mobile payments massively, I wish people would stop shouting Google Wallet like it's the Android law to list something you have that can do payments, face it, it sucks, that's why nobody uses it. Apple Pay won't just help iOS users, it will get Google to get it's brain back in to gear and fix what's wrong with Google Wallet … reality check, a lot is wrong with it

  7. Apple is finally realizing how far ahead Samsung is.. the only thing apple has going for them is that they are popular and have customers who can't look pass the iphone

  8. All the companies rivals have been producing tablets and even just bigger screen phones? Is this woman crazy? If not she's dumb as hell. Android features are so much advanced than the ios8 which has not been released yet! boobs know nothing about tech

  9. Set them apart?!?! How long has NFC payments been around on Android! Cnet please remember you are a tech show and know more things than normal techies do.

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