CNET News – iOS 7 goes full speed into cars

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At Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco, the company reveals new iOS integration with cars from Honda, Mercedes, Nissan Ferrari, and Infiniti. The new software could make it safer to use an iPhone’s functions in the car, as they could be controlled and viewed on the car’s dashboard.

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  1. I wish that instead of a "black" themed interface that it would show the same background as the phone… Or at least allow us to have a "white" theme. Like the music app is white. Or it would've been better if the music interface was more like the iPod classics but only touchable and Siri commands. We have been waiting for almost a year since they've announced this new movement for their company and this is what they accomplished?!?! Also, this better be updatable with future IOSs. One last thing… WHY CAN'T THIS WORK WITH THE CURRENT iPod TOUCH AND iPod CLASSIC!

  2. Its for people who are buying new cars and own a ios devices. If ur still broke and driving a protege like me, ull still to the good old dock and use siri to read out ur texts and send some by talking to that biatch! 🙂

  3. whats the difference between using this and them making a app and you have a car dock…i want a app so siri can read out my messages and i can reply using just voice not buy a whole new damn car

  4. I use windows products but I have to say this is genuinely innovative. imagine getting your entire music collection and iTunes radio from your car while you drive. a high quality free gps system, a way of answering calls and messages without taking your eyes from the road. that genuinely innovative and im glad that a top software company like apple have attempted to make car's more intelligent. would definitely be something I would be looking out for when buying a car in the future

  5. so much for trying to clean up the environment. if we all get apple maps in our cars no doubt we will constantly be wasting tons of gallons of gas just trying to find our destination.

  6. I actually still don't get what is so special. It could do well things that current systems already do. I'm don't work in the IT industry, so maybe I don't have the sensibility to get it. But really don't see much difference with other built in OSs with a data connection like Sensus or Uconnect

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