CNET How To – Apply a screen protector, bubble-free

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When you buy a new smartphone, it’s a good idea to preserve your investment with a screen protector. Sharon Vaknin shows you how to apply a screen protector cleanly, without those pesky bubbles.

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  1. I love it.
    A "dust free environment." Even in the cleanest of rooms, yes, including the bathroom after you've taken a hot shower/bath, there's always dust in the air and these things attract it like magnets, as does the phone screen!
    Seconds after you've checked to "make sure," you can be "sure," that more dust will have settled, even if it's only that one pesky bit, which ends up, of course, in the middle of your screen after application! :O)

    I'd say take the protector out of the box long before you start cleaning the screen and ensuring it's "dust free," otherwise, you're allowing even more time for dust to settle back on the screen.

    Unless it's an edge to edge protector, particularly on the iPhone 6, you need very steady hands in order to get a good alignment with the Home Button.

    If at any time you can see a bubble then you can lift the protector up and allow even more dust to settle on the screen! :O)

    If it's dust, then lift the protector with a piece of tape and go through the nightmare of having to continually fight a battle of removing one dust particle, while another one settles somewhere else and you don't see it till the whole thing is on! :O)

    "And there you have it!" Aww, we didn't get to see the final moments, just the edited version of how you got to the end? ;O)

    Seeing as there's a massive industry/racket involved in producing and selling these things, I think it'd be a great idea, if professional "installers," sprung up everywhere, so that people like me who've had endlessly frustrating moments trying to apply these things can just go to and have it fitted, with some sort of guarantee that it'll be fitted without bubbles and dust trapped beneath them..

    Why isn't this available everywhere.
    Mmmmmmmmm let me cook on that.
    Could it be that the people who flog these things know full well, that your average punter is going to fail time and again and have to keep coming back and paying for more Screen Protectors, many of which will assure "bubble free," application! :O)

  2. thnaks sharon! you gave me some good tips! too bad in Australia (that's where i am from) they don't sell Sir lancelot screen protectors

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