Clinton Aides’ BlackBerry Phones Likely Destroyed

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August 19, 2015 – Washington (CNN)—The State Department acknowledged that top Hillary Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin had government-issued BlackBerry phones during their tenure at the department, but said those devices could not be located, in a court filing Wednesday.

Responding to a request by the conservative group Judicial Watch, which is suing the State Department for information related to Abedin’s employment situation, government attorneys said the department “did not locate any such devices that may contain records responsive to plaintiff’s FOIA requests,” which includes a request for the department to “identify any and all servers, accounts, hard drives or other devices currently in the possession or control of the State Department or otherwise that may contain responsive information.”

In its filing Wednesday, attorneys representing the State Department submitted a statement by executive secretary Joseph E. Macmanus, in which he…

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