Clash of Lords 2 10 tips and tricks

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Whats up guys, thanks for watching! Here are 10 tips that should help out in the game. edit: #5 has changed, you want your heroes centered and together so they attack together, similar to castle clash strategy. #10 was supposed to be level up your Reapers and Victory Statues to level 5 as soon as possible. They deter people from attacking your base as often. I hope you like them, please comment with any questions and subscribe!

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  1. Just a tip… with the new update bases with the last part of their name saying element I is IGG created and usually has like 200k gold and u sometimes u r lucky enough to get 2 60k treasure chests if u 3 star it

  2. Upgrade your hero halls to a much higher lvl. that wi help alot defending your base. My heroes halls are all at lvl 10 now and i see in my defense report alot of ppl struggle to kill them off cause their hp amd dmg increases every lvl up on your hall

  3. Nice base but.. im corner base. I got food defences. Havent gotten raided when this game came. Plus… Ive raid tons of people and revenging on me. They do damage some stuffs but they still loose. Cause I got 6 wall gold on wach side plus tons of those lazer thingy…. lol not showing off… only saying..

  4. hey bro, whats your opinion about upgrading TH before max all the units first of that level? I can see you speed TH a little, right. I know you get more walls and stuff, but also you have a lot to upgrade with few builders. what else can you say. cheers

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