Clash Of Kings Tips 2016 Tips and Tricks 2016

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Quick tip i found helpful for resources. Hope it helps you guys. Thanks for watching…

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  1. when you need 80M food to upgrade your tip here is useless… i spend 5M food on my science Research bro lol im not downing you brother but stressing to you to make a farm!

  2. lmao.. watch your upkeep. Only need one march until you are level 22… level 7 troops are useless bro. Also make a farm and gather rss then you dont need to worry bout your upkeep

  3. we do that too… it use the first person who gets in their war of hall…. our war hall 800k fits alot of troops… build up alliance mine in 8mins… then all gather… good for hiding troops while it gathers large amounts… lucky i have an alliance mine all to myself…

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