Cisco’s Prime Engineers Team Known as the Heart, Soul and Brain of the Company Have Resigned

Cisco’s Prime Engineers Team Known as the Heart, Soul and Brain of the Company Have Resigned

Mario Mazzola, Prem Jain, Luca Cafiero, and Soni Jiandani were known as the most influential engineers in the world’s largest networking company Cisco, that sells networking equipment as well as does manufacturing, however, over a management reshuffling of the company last week these geniuses have resigned.

Furthermore, Mario Mazzola, Jain, and Cafiero, were often known as the heart, soul, and brains of Cisco and besides that including Vice President Prem they were called the MPLS team in Cisco as an acronym based on their first letters of their names.

The Wall Street Journal has reported yesterday that after the middle of this month on the 17th of June the MPLS team which was leading an R&D effort called the “Spin-in” in Cisco is now going to leave its long loved company.

Here is the reason for their exodus:

Cisco’s ex-CEO, John Chambers, invested billions of dollars into new businesses dispatched by them, under a prearranged covenant that Cisco would purchase their organization once the item was finished.

Once being the most trusted group under Chambers, the MPLS group had lost some of its impacts after current CEO Chuck Robbins assumed control.

As the case, The Wall Street Journal has recited in an aphorism regarding of their exodus that “is based on a disconnect regarding roles, responsibilities and charter that came to light immediately after the announcement,” probably these might have been pressure blending amongst Robbins and the four now left administrators.


On the other hand, regarding the small but most important exodus for the company, the present CEO Robbins explained in a statement saying that

“I want to recognize Mario, Prem, Luca, and Soni for the countless contributions they have made to Cisco. I have personally learned so much from them, and they will always be an important part of Cisco’s engineering story. Their legacy will live on through our ongoing innovation and the talented engineering leaders they have mentored. I wish them the best.”

According to the Business Insider, the team of four members MPLS’s colleagues kept on answering to Chambers, even after Robbins got to be CEO. They were likewise purportedly bringing on some debate inside the organization, as a few workers grumbled about the huge monetary prizes they were getting.


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