Choose the right Platform for Gaming

Choose the right Platform for Gaming

Yes, this particular content is for gamers living in different parts of the world. Gaming is an addiction, a good addiction I must say and if you’re unsure about which platform to use, find it right here and you’ll come across a few options for the best platform for gaming. And well, then you have the freedom to choose which one to go for.


It’s a game engine primarily used for mobile platforms and compatible for C# and UnityScript Lang. This is a cross platform and can be also used in gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Unity has its own physics engine and has a camera integrated, hence making it simple for manipulating objects inside the world of gaming. I consider this to be a brilliant cross-platform gaming for Xbox One and PS4. Visit their website for more information about Unity.



This mainly uses JavaScript as its tool for programming. However, I must also mention that this is a common tool in designing apps, not games. But according to various professional programmers, this can also be a wonderful tool for designing next-gen video games. You can use it for free while your game is working in progress, but the license is mandatory if you have planned to release your game.

This is an extremely useful tool if you want to design normal card or trivia games in which there are only a few movable objects.


Works primarily for C++ and can transfer language in iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phones, Linux and OS X.

The Cocos Creator will grant a framework, a subject if you want to edit the scenes, allow game preview, debug if necessary and enabling you to launch games for various platforms, just like Unity.



This is Apple’s very own creation for 2D game development and only available for iOS and OS X operating system. It’s compatible for Swift as well as Objective- C languages, the right combination.

Using this any programmer can scale, remove and turn  around game objects; moreover, you can play various sounds and also make your very own codes function without any trouble.

The scene editor will enable you to design various levels of a game, and the particle designer will allow you to create your own particle system; furthermore, are particles such as fire and rain already made by default.


These are our top platforms for gaming and if you think I have missed out anything crucial, feel free to add under the Comments section as TTN would love to hear from you.


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