Camera shootout: Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus

Samsung’s new phones also have new cameras, so we put the Galaxy S7 Edge up against the toughest competition around: the iPhone 6S Plus. A wider lens, brighter aperture, and better software appears to have given the S7 Edge a lead in the never-ending smartphone camera race.


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49 Comments on Camera shootout: Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus

  1. sorry not talking ab this comparison, but does anyone have a lg g3 or g2 and just completely hate the camera
    because i really do hate my lg phone camera
    now I want to switch to iphone, I think the shots look better and more natural than on the s7

  2. I have to agree with the bald guy the iPhones pictures actually look better than the s7 until you start zooming in closer the s7 has a hair more detail but both are very close and it will be interesting to see how the iPhone 7 plus/pro does against the s7 especially if it comes with a dual camera lens

  3. One thing that really surprised me was the massive improvement Samsung has made on the slo-mo front! They went from being rather mediocre compared to the iPhone (not smooth frame-rate, low resolution), to practically leapfrogging it. I mean from what I can tell the S7's slo-mo footage looks sharper and a tad less flat.

  4. Too bad Samsung have the most cluttered and ugly version of android around. They need the same elegance in the software as they have in their form factors. Android in general needs a major overhaul imo! The lg G5 is going in the right direction. iPhones os is still my favourite out of any phone. I look forward to the gs8 and what it has too offer.

  5. I suggest doing a similar comparison without knowing which photo belongs to which phone.
    Then compare those results with the results in this video to see if this comparison video is an evenhanded one. (BTW I think Samsung has a better cam)

  6. I m planning to get the S7 Edge when iPhone 7 comes out. I hope they would have some reduced prices by then. And hope iPhone 7's camera wont beat the s7 then even!

  7. I CAN'T BELIEVE NO ONE NOTICED THIS YET. At 7:09, when comparing the two selfie cameras, it is obvious that he tries to make iPhone selfie to look better. By how? Smiling in the iPhone selfie, while looking monotone in Galaxy selfie. This is EXACTLY what many companies do when trying to sell their products (i.e. weight loss program, etc) where they show Before and After photos, but it is obvious ( me at least) that they intentionally made the Before photo look worse, by making it darker, messier hair, not-as-professional looking background, uglier cloths, etc. It stood out to me this old guy did the same thing in the selfie photos of him, trying to make iPhone selfie look better and Galaxy selfie look worse.

  8. Lol dude the bald guy wasn't that bad. He was clearly in agreement on most of the points where the Samsung was better. Only him saying "wow iPhone what a piece of shit" would make you rabid Samsung fans happy lmao.

  9. actually no the iphone was not the leading smartphone camera the galaxy s6 was but offcourse since this is the verdge u will favour iphone and just to let you know samsung galaxy s6 was named the best smartphone camera by DxOmark look it up

  10. I had a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and it hanged, it simply hanged. I tried disabling Samsung bloatware and numerous other tricks from forums but sometimes (quite often) the phone simply become unresponsive. Then I sold it and bought a 6s Plus and my life is just better. Sorry Samsung, no matter how good is the camera, your software just sucks. Hopefully they will introduce some vanilla Android phones otherwise it's a pity to waste all that hardware.

  11. I like everything about the samsung except the ''shakiness/jello effect'' in video mode (why didn't they mention it?) & also the natural colors in video mode, in that regard the iphone does it better… everything else samsung wins.

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