Camera comparison: Nokia Lumia 925 vs Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note II

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The Nokia Lumia 925 is supposed to be a great cameraphone, but is that really the case? And is the smartphone’s camera as potent as those on the current high-ends? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. We’’ve brought along a handful of smartphones to compare the 925 against — the 13MP Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One with its 4MP “Ultrapixel” camera, the iPhone 5 with its 8MP snapper, and the Samsung Galaxy Note II packing an 8MP camera…

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  1. Nokia Pro Cam App uses different algorithms that suit the camera lens That's how it was developed to work if you use the stock camera app by Microsoft its like using any other windows phone without the manufactures camera interface. Remember its hardware that works with software so if either is bad u get bad results.

  2. Dafuq is seriously wrong with you guys? What did apple do to y'all? Gosh get a life people it's not liek it's going to explode and kills earth -.- fanboys these days and I'm not one FYI IM an iOSdroid. But seriously just stop making fun in apples, ATLEAST they're basic phones for people who isn't good at technology. Gosh get a life I'm happy for anyone choice but not happy for people who's making fun of other phones.

  3. Everyone seems to rate the color capture, and artifact level for low light performance. But as a father, I'm more concerned with how they handle motion in low light situations. Wish that was covered more.

  4. This seems a little biased in favour of iPhone as it is obviously his phone he uses everyday. He has a case on it and has apps downloaded from app store, whereas other phones seem to be used purely for this video. Next time, all phones should be equal and not bias

  5. Okay guys. I just wanna finally say it. Would you please change the reviewers? It is soooo annoying to hear that annoying accent every video I watch plus the way they speaks, well most of them. They act too professional. Please use non accent people for reviews!! please please please please please notice my request??? :'(

  6. los mejores estan en este orde 1- el lumia 1020 2- el lumia 925 3-lumia 920 4-lumia 820 5-htc one 6- galaxi s4 7-htc one x 8- galaxi s3 9 iphone 5 10 sii aun esta el nokia n900 maemo 5 en el top 10 aun puede patear un par de traseros

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